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I am a 15 years old student. When I drink cold water or cold drink, I get sore throat. My throat scratches and I cannot even swallow water after that. Can you help me with some natural home remedy to help to treat the throat pain?


Salt water gargle is an age old home remedy for treating sore throat. You can dissolve a tablespoon of salt to warm water and use this mixture to gargle. This is a traditional method of curing sore throat. You can add baking soda to hot water and use this mixture to gargle. It reduces the discomfort. Gargle 2-3 times a day.

Honey is an excellent natural remedy to cure sore throat. Herbal tea made up of ginger and honey can soothe the sore throat. Gargling with apple cider vinegar is also a good option. You should eat raw garlic to relieve the aching throat. Boil crushed garlic in water and use this water to gargle. Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and honey. Consume this mixture two to three times a day for getting rid of throat problems.

Crush a few basil leaves and mix one tablespoon of honey to it. Consume this mixture regularly to get relief from sore throat. Boil 2-3 pieces of cinnamon sticks in water and add black pepper powder to it. Sip this mixture slowly to soothe the throat. You may add some honey to it before drinking. Add one to two drops of oregano oil to warm water and drink the mixture twice a day.

Herbal teas are known to be effective for curing sore throat. Green tea is known to be effective for treating sore throat. Hot lemonade mixed with honey can also help. Gargling with aloe vera juice also works well. Consume citrus fruits and fruit juices. Take plenty of rest. Mix lemon juice in warm water and sip the mixture slowly. Drink hot liquids to ease the sore throat.

Quit smoking and drinking if you do so as smoking can irritate the throat. Avoid spicy and oily foods. Add a pinch of turmeric powder to warm water and drink it daily before going to bed.

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